The Mentorship

This is a personalised support programme over 3 or 6 months that provides :
– holistic healing: psychological, emotional and energetic
– personalised guidance over the period of time
– activation of the soul’s potential
– professional supervision for therapists and wellness practitioners

What’s the first step?

The mentoring begins with a phone call to carry out an evaluation and a personalised diagnosis. During this exchange, I conduct a reading of your energetic structure and identify the wounds, shocks, limiting beliefs, memories of the soul, the ancestors or your childhood that are priorities. I then draw up a list of healing themes to be addressed and suggest a schedule. Each mentoring session will therefore have a theme and an issue that we will deal with. We agree on the programme and then begin the mentoring process.

The mentoring formula includes

– Weekly healing and guidance sessions
– An energetic link with me during the work period
– Regular exchanges between each session on WhatsApp
– Answers to any questions you may have about the work you’re doing
– Interpretation of dreams over the period to observe psychic work
– Postponement of appointments missed or due to holidays or unforeseen events.

The commitments

Mentoring is healing work and guidance on several levels, which requires consistency, commitment and investment.
– It discourages working with another energeticist or therapist over a period of time.
– It requires flexibility of thought, concentration and rest after the session,
– It is necessary to be confident and patient that the work is done not only during our appointments but especially after the sessions, at night in your dreams and in your moments of meditation.
– Alcohol and drugs up to 2/3 days after the session are strongly discouraged.
– On the other hand, physical practices such as massage, osteopathy, kinesiology, yoga, physiotherapy, swimming or any other physical practice, therapeutic or otherwise, are strongly encouraged and are complementary.


Among the wise women who have accompanied me, Katia, you are a fine gem of knowledge, pedagogy and beauty incarnate. Thank you for your transmissions, which help me to go further on my path of initiation at this time of demanding collective crossing. During this ritual, I felt the presence of my paternal ancestors, Canadian pioneers, and my maternal ancestors, Jewish craftsmen from Italy and Portugal, whispering their promises of blessing and protection to me.


Today, when I hear your message and your words, it’s as if something inside me wakes up to be welcomed, to finally be born. Your message transcends me, it’s so rich and so detailed, so deep… it resonates so much within me that I feel like new doors are opening, new barriers are collapsing. It’s a real ascension that I’m experiencing.


To request support, please fill in the dedicated form. On receipt of the form, I will arrange a telephone call to clarify your questions and requests, and to discuss whether this package is right for you.

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