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Retraite Guérisseurs - Katia Bougchiche

Healers formation -14th to 21st July

During this course, we’ll look in depth at the different aspects of healing, so that you’ll have all the keys at your fingertips: strengthening your skills or helping you to become a healer.

Desert Magic, Power of Manifestation Retreat – 27 October to 2 November

This retreat is designed to give birth to your creative power and learn the laws of manifestation. It gives you the tools to deprogram your limiting beliefs and embody your true power of manifestation.

Testimonial on our retreats

Open letter to Katia Bougchiche

Once again I have received your powerful, new and innovative teachings.
At the dawn of our very near future, I’m delighted about what’s happening to us, to you and to me, about our respective missions for our earth Gaia.
You breathe this enjoyment into incarnation, not some ethereal, elusive esotericism in which people lose themselves in the belief that they are rising, but are living nothing but illusions and fantasies.

You tell us that we can’t find our light without anchoring ourselves to the matrix, to the earth, and that’s what obviously led me to you
That’s where your difference lies, your individuation, your greatness, your preciousness, your power, your beauty… the jewel that you are is magnetic, free, inspiring…
As a well-grounded, spiritual nurse, I have received the echo of your words in each of your teachings. I will always feel the thrill, the good thrill of our energies coming together.

Your creative power gives birth to projects, books and teachings that are beautiful and above all useful and necessary to our humanity.
I’m full of gratitude to you for not missing out on our meetings and for building other powerful meetings tomorrow in the lands that are ready to welcome your powerful transmissions.

The earth and the universe are truly coming together for this prophecy that is flooding our hearts to save this humanity that is gasping for breath, in agony.
The divine, the greater than self, is offering us this opportunity now, and it’s urgent that we disseminate it and take deep action in matter.
This is what I received in Dubai, once my being was full and complete with these galactic energies that connected with my earthly magnetic energies.

I am honoured
I am complete I am in gratitude I am creative I am ready I am
Waves of Love Katia

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personal guidance?

I carry out regular menu consultations with a few clients a month.

The consultations

Blueprint activation

Connecting to your soul’s roots and origins. Understanding your soul mission.

Sacred Rose Ceremonies

3 appointments for 3 rose rituals.

Soul Potential Activation

3-session protocol.

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