Who is Katia?

Visionary, Medium, Healer

Psychotherapist, energyhealer, author and trainer.
She helps women to reach their full potential. Find out more by browsing the page.

Published and quoted in several newspapers

My History


Studied Psychology at the University of Paris 8.

Around the world: 2009

Around the world & I am initiated into shamanic traditions.
In 2010 and 2012: Initiation in the Amazon in Peru with Shipibo shamans.

September 2019

Publication of first book “L’éveil des Sorcières” by Leducs.


I am launching my online training platform, katiabougchiche.com


I move to the Sekhinah temple at the edge of the desert in Dubai where I healthrough my retreats, my workshops and my consultations.

April 2022

Publication of my third book “Creating a connection with the totem animals” by Leducs.

Some facts


Years of practice and support


Women supported


Written and published books


Courses created


Retreats organised TRAIN YOURSELF


Discover & embrace your spiritual gifts

My training school introduces you to chakras, oracles, moon rituals, dream interpretation…

My Bests Sellers

L’éveil des Sorcières

Initiation au féminin des origines.

Femme Souveraine

Journal d’inspirations et de rituels

Créez une Alliance avec vos Animaux Totems

Connexions chamaniques et aux animaux totems

The press is talking about it!

For the past 10 years I have been sharing my knowledge about healing and the divine feminine. I have created a podcast and collaborated with different media to create transformative trainings for the general public. And I also train therapists, healers and coaches in chakra and energy healing.

Book a consultation

Initiation to the divine feminine

Ritual of blessing and intuition to access the power of the feminine

Soul Blueprint activation

Connection to the roots of the soul understanding the soul’s journey and its celestial roots.

Rose ceremonies and rituals

3 sessions and 3 treatments (one red pink, one pink pink and one white pink)

Activation of the soul’s potential 

Follow-up of 3 sessions

Mentorship 6 months

Mentoring wellness and energy therapists through supervising their work.

Reading and guidance

With tarot cards and oracles

On request: Rituals

– For young girls and mothers for their first menstruation.
– Ritual for separation (from a home or a relationship) : grieving work.
– Ritual and treatment for activating sexual power.

Healing session

Work on the Chakras, your memories and your energy flow.

Dream interpretation sessions

Interpreting a series of 4 or 5 of your dreams.